Top 5 strains to try at Cookies St. Louis Dispensary in 2024

Top 5 strains to try at Cookies St. Louis Dispensary in 2024

Recently featured in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Discover the Oasis for Cannabis Connoisseurs in the Heart of St. Louis. Nestled within the vibrant city of St. Louis, cannabis enthusiasts have discovered a haven for premium flower experiences at the only Cookies dispensary in the state. Cookies St. Louis has brought its signature style and curated selection to Missouri, offering a unique blend of high-quality strains and a welcoming atmosphere for both seasoned connoisseurs and those new to the world of cannabis.

In 2024, the cannabis landscape continues to evolve at Cookies, presenting an exciting menu of premium offerings at prices that customers can enjoy. When it comes to premium flower, Cookies St. Louis provides more options in terms of product types and experiences, according to Erica Schandler, chief strategy officer for Cookies St. Louis and 3Fifteen Primo.

From exotic hybrids to classic favorites, the top five strains available at Cookies St. Louis in 2024 offer an unparalleled journey into the diverse and dynamic world of cannabis. While constantly launching new products, Schandler is excited about the top five Cookies strains that lead their menu as customer favorites this year.

Whether you’re seeking healing, relaxation, creativity or a balanced blend of effects, the following strains elevate the cannabis experience for enthusiasts in the Gateway City and beyond. Read on to delve into the top offerings that make Cookies St. Louis a destination for those in pursuit of some of the finest strains available in the Show-Me State. 

1. Ocean Beach

The store’s most popular strain, the product currently holds the No. 1 spot on the Cookies menu. While it derives from the same parent plants as its “sibling” OG Kush, Schandler said it has a different look with an aroma that is a combination of sweet, fruity and tart.

2. Doggy Bagg

This collaboration with Snoop Dogg provides a sweet, grassy and earthy feel. Considered a great daytime strain, Schandler said, “it doesn’t put you on the couch.” The genetics of this sweeter line hail from Zkittles and Project 41510, and it’s popular with customers grappling with stress and anxiety.

 3. Blue Agave

This is a cross between Blue Cookies and Lemon Cherry Gelato with an aroma of sweet cherry and gas. The gelato adds a touch of sweetness to the taste.

4. Georgia Pie

This Gelatti and Kish Mints 11 cross “will definitely put you on the couch,” said Schandler. “It hits a little heavier and has more of a relaxing vibe to it.” Some customers use it for insomnia, nausea and stress.

5. 2090 Sh*t

A cool, futuristic product with a funky, earthy aroma. Schandler describes its experience as “heavier but creative.” She said it’s similar to the indica strains but also offers a bit of creativity associated with the sativa strains. It’s a cross between Snowman and Y-Life.

Best dispensary rewards program at Cookies St. Louis

Customers also love how much money they save at Cookies St. Louis. New customers save $10 off their first order of $25 or more and an extra $10 off for every new shopper they refer. Customers who join the Cookies Rewards Program earn points on every purchase. Rewards points can be redeemed at Cookies St. Louis or any 3Fifteen Primo location. Cookies St. Louis offers pre-ordering, in-store shopping and a convenient drive-thru for quick and easy pickups.


3FifteenPrimo, which recently took top honors in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch’s 2023 STL Headliner contest for Best Small Business, has four stores: 3Fifteen Primo St. Louis (5501 Chippewa St.), 3Fifteen Primo Valley Park (839 Meramec Station Road), 3Fifteen Primo Columbia (4003 Ponderosa St.) and 3Fifteen Primo Branson (18031 Business 13). Cookies St. Louis is located at 11088 New Halls Ferry Road in North County.


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