9/26 - 10/3

To download TV graphics, simply go to the home or deals page and right-click on the graphics you want to save to your computer and click “save image as” If you encounter any problems, don’t hesitate to contact our marketing team for assistance 


Tuesday 9/26

20% Off Zen & Bison, Vivid Free 1G Pre-Roll with Purchase of Any Vivid Product (Missouri’s Own, Concentrates, Flower, or edibles – no limit)(all week)


Wednesday 9/27

Buy 1 wyld edible, get one free


Thursday 9/28

20% off Midose, Purchase Cloud Cover product, Get a Free 1g Pre-roll


Friday 9/29

BOGO Fireball Edibles, Free 1G Pre-Roll with Purchase of Any Field Trip Flower Eighth


Saturday 9/30:

20% Off all Timeless Vapes, BOGO Smokiez Edibles (1000MG or fireball not included)


 Monday 10/2:

10 Gron Mega Pearls for $75


Tuesday 10/3

20% Off Zen & Bison

april events

  • 4/20 Celebration – Fahrenheit Artist Showcase 7 pm – 11 pm


To download just click the buttons below and click “save as” on the graphic that appears

DOWNLOAD BY 4/28/23 – PROMOTE FROM 4/28- 4/30

alpine iq

How to Refer Using Personalized Referral Link in Wallet

  • At each register we’d like to request you put up a table tent with the update Rewards graphic to offer a quick and easy way for customers to Sign Up for our Rewards Program or Sign Into their Wallet.
  • AIQ increased its security measures in early 2023. If current Rewards Members did not create a password yet, they will be prompted to do so before accessing their account. 
  • The buttons at the bottom: Home, Shop, Social, Profile and Help all clickable. To find your personal referral link, click the Social Button. On our social screen, members can copy their referral link to share with a friend.
  • In the case of in-person referrals, AIQ didn’t have a great solution and recommended that we make these personal referral links as easy as possible to find. I hope featuring them in the Wallet and having signs up at the register will help. 
Once logged into their Rewards Wallet members can:
  • Review their points balance
  • See what Rewards they have available to redeem
  • Shop our store
  • Follow us on FB/IG
  • Leave us a Google Review
  • Find and copy their personal referral code
  • Review their profile details and adjust things like their address, “favorite store” and communication preferences (email/text)