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How to Refer Using Personalized Referral Link in Wallet

  • At each register we’d like to request you put up a table tent with the update Rewards graphic to offer a quick and easy way for customers to Sign Up for our Rewards Program or Sign Into their Wallet.
  • AIQ increased its security measures in early 2023. If current Rewards Members did not create a password yet, they will be prompted to do so before accessing their account. 
  • The buttons at the bottom: Home, Shop, Social, Profile and Help all clickable. To find your personal referral link, click the Social Button. On our social screen, members can copy their referral link to share with a friend.
  • In the case of in-person referrals, AIQ didn’t have a great solution and recommended that we make these personal referral links as easy as possible to find. I hope featuring them in the Wallet and having signs up at the register will help. 
Once logged into their Rewards Wallet members can:
  • Review their points balance
  • See what Rewards they have available to redeem
  • Shop our store
  • Follow us on FB/IG
  • Leave us a Google Review
  • Find and copy their personal referral code
  • Review their profile details and adjust things like their address, “favorite store” and communication preferences (email/text)