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Inspired by the Missouri state insect, Honeybee Edibles are made for those who know how to enjoy the sweetness that life brings them.

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Mo’ Dank products are specially designed to create superior cannabis experiences, empowering our customers to explore the best version of themselves.

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AMAZE Cannabis

AMAZE CANNABIS believes cannabis is a sacred ally and strives to achieve its fullest potential through mindful stewardship inspired by nature, art and science. We aspire to Amaze you.

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Vivid strives to heighten the cannabis experience, understanding that everyone’s relationship with it is different. This intense focus on the patient drives their model of constant innovation to create brands and products that deliver optimal cannabis experiences.

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Headquartered in Kansas City, Clovr is a cannabis-infused product manufacturer that believes in safe, consistent, and quality cannabis products for Missouri’s medical marijuana patients. As the extractor, infuser, and wholesaler of their own products, they can ensure patients are getting exactly what they are reading on the label – no chemicals, no funny business.

Clovr believes there’s a cannabis consumption method for every type of person and they are happy to help you find what best fits you and your lifestyle. They offer cannabis-infused chocolate bars, gummies, vape pens, concentrates, beverages, and many more products for whatever consumption method you prefer. Combating the stereotype, they believe cannabis can be a part of your life without becoming your life.

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Smokiez is just a group of humans trying to make a difference in the world. They put the utmost effort into making every product the best it can be. Their edibles are available in California, Oregon, and Washington state.

After one bite, you’ll be asking yourself “why are these so good?” to answer your question simply – it’s their proprietary formula made with high clarity extract.

Keep your eyes out for their new CBD line of wellness products helping people and their loved ones live happier, healthier lives.

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