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Local Cannabis Co.

Dedicated to finding the most unique terpene profiles from the world’s best breeders, Local Cannabis Co. prides itself in bringing you elite genetics in their peak state. They select (“pheno hunt”) their own varietals and never use the same common genetics found in nurseries, ensuring a unique flavor and experience in each jar. Enjoy their flagship flavors, and always be on the lookout for their new hunts.

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Old Pal

Old Pal flower is as classic as it gets. Available in Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, they keep it simple, like buying weed from back in the day. They utilize natural light, climates and cycles to grow quality cannabis, following Mother nature’s guide, keeping environmental impact top of mind. All of this to provide you quality weed that’s a pleasure to puff and 100% compliant to state testing.

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Field Trip

Field Trip empowers you to find your best path. Explore the back roads; set sail in a new direction — it’s your trip, your way.
Curated by expert chefs, discover functional ingredients and exquisite flavours – no detail overlooked. The same energetic escapade, the same serene journey, the same spiritual reflection.

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Franklin’s is a cutting edge ‘house of brands’ from Kansas City, MO. Franklin’s makes flagship blunts made of whole, top shelf flower along with infusing many local CPG brands such as James’ Lemonade, Guys’ Chips, and more. Franklin’s specializes in precision manufacturing and attest that their cannabis flower is highly vetted list of indoor cultivators across the state of Missouri. Just 8% -10% of the state’s approved cultivation facilities will ultimately meet Franklin’s supply chain standards, they put quality and consistency first.

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Wyld was founded in 2016 to create best-in-class cannabis edibles using real fruit and natural flavors. What began as three college friends over a two-burner stove is now a best-selling edibles brand.

Wyld has made this journey by remaining independent, and staying true to their vision of a better definition of success. Wyld embraces challenges, tests boundaries, and lives life to the fullest. They have focused on building a strong community of retailers, budtenders, and consumers who all agree on one thing: Wyld Works.

Real fruit. Real flavor. Real quality. That’s the Wyld way.

Grab a box today and find out why Wyld is America’s top-selling edible!

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At Timeless Vapes, their mission is to provide the cleanest and most effective cannabis medicine while striving to set the standard of excellence in an ever-growing industry.

Timeless Vapes was founded in 2013 with the vision of giving patients an efficient and subtle way to medicate. Their passion has always been research and development, constantly striving to create the highest quality and most innovative products available.

Each aspect of the Timeless Vape experience has been crafted with discretion and quality in mind. They took special consideration to keep both you and your Timeless Vape clean with the Timeless Flip Case, fashioned specifically for discretion while medicating. The medical-grade materials and cutting-edge hardware and technology crafted in the USA provide unrivaled quality and performance. The Timeless proprietary blend features a solvent-free THC distillate, crafted for a consistent, high-quality product with extraordinary flavor profiles.

Timeless believes in putting patients first, with their products never containing solvents or fillers and only using all-natural Terpenes to enhance the product. This is the reason that you will “Taste the Terps” while enjoying your Timeless Vape experience.

Our patient-first mentality is reflected in our philanthropy and local outreach events, having made community education and charitable fundraising a cornerstone of our philosophy.

You will find our products are never affected by the passage of time or change in trends… we are always Timeless.

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